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About Amanda Elbourn

Hello from Amanda Elbourn, I manage AB Aesthetic Services Ltd. I have immeasurable medical and business experience in the aesthetics industry with 20 years’ expertise as a successful Operations Director for Courthouse Clinics, a multiple award-winning national chain of aesthetic clinics and now as an independent aesthetic business consultant. 

In 2020 I set up my aesthetic consultancy business, I recognised the experience and skills I had developed over the years growing a profitable national chain; setting up many new clinics, training many clinic managers and their teams, overseeing a customer service centre, recruiting Doctors and Nurses, implementing new treatments, creating protocols, monitoring and analysing KPIs, implementing new CRMs, developing a national weight loss programme, overseeing marketing campaigns, successfully managing compliance and CQC registration and so much more. 

I now work with many different independent aesthetic clinics, hair surgeons and beauty salons nationally maintaining weekly visits to Harley street, London. I am thrilled to be supporting all clients on their aesthetic journey and delighted to also continue working with 2022 and 2023 aesthetic award winning clinics and practitioners. My success is your success, we share together and grow together! We can help you redefine your business. 

Over the past four years, I’ve proudly worked as a dedicated consultant specialising in Aesthetic businesses within the UK. My commitment to excellence is reflected in the strategic partnerships I’ve cultivated with numerous award-winning clinics, and I take immense pride in being an integral part of their continued success.

Working closely with clinic owners, my approach revolves around not just offering guidance but becoming a trusted collaborator in their journey to strategic expansion and increased profitability. Establishing and nurturing robust relationships with my clients is at the forefront of my consulting philosophy.

Together with clinic owners, we engage in comprehensive analyses of every facet of their businesses. This involves a meticulous examination of operational processes, financial structures, marketing strategies, and client engagement practices. Through this collaborative effort, we craft bespoke action plans that address specific challenges and capitalise on opportunities unique to each clinic.

Our collaboration extends beyond the initial planning phase, with a continuous focus on implementation and adaptation. Task prioritisation is a key aspect of our strategy, ensuring that efforts are directed towards the most impactful initiatives. Regular monitoring and review processes are established to gauge progress and make informed adjustments as needed.
I find great satisfaction in contributing to the success of the clinics I work with, and being associated with award-winning establishments further underscores the effectiveness of our collaborative efforts. As we navigate the dynamic landscape of the aesthetics industry, my role goes beyond consultancy – it is a commitment to fostering enduring success for each clinic I have the privilege to serve.


I believe my background is unique in the industry and we have the skills to offer a complete business support package. I remain extremely passionate about the industry and attend regular conferences and training sessions to remain up to date with this fast paced industry.

I am now immensely enjoying working with many different owners, managers and practices of different sizes that provide a variety of treatments and may face different challenges with different visions.

I believe my wealth of experience is unique and I completely understand all challenges faced by clinics and practice owners. I use a holistic approach to ensure I completely understand every aspect of your business to effectively work with you. 

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