Section 3: Clinic Managers – Responsibilities And Tasks That They May Execute Within Their Role

 a) Overview

Clinic managers may also be business owners, you maybe a practitioner and owner, you maybe a new manager promoted within your clinic, you maybe be a manager from a different sector , you may work for an independent clinic or managea clinic as part of a chain. Clinic managers will likely have diverse backgrounds and skill sets.

As part of your employment checks a long with standard recruitment checks you will be required to have completed a satisfactory DBS check (disclosure and barring service check)

The clinic managers job role is multifaceted incorporating many different areas to support a successful clinic and integrating both business and healthcare;

  1. b) Responsibilities of a Clinic Manager may include all or some of the following;

Patient Focus

  • Ensuring excellent customer service
  • Creating and developing your patient journey
  • Managing concerns and complaints


Finance and business

  • Business planning and developing
  • Forecasting and budget setting
  • Increasing profitability
  • Researching and rolling out new treatments
  • Business analysis and monitoring KPIs
  • Ensuring efficient stock management
  • Sales
  • Controlling costs



Team and staff Management

  • HR management, compliance and support
  • Team management
  • Team building
  • Management and implementation of training plans
  • Recruitment


Patient safety

  • CQC and medical compliance
  • Health and safety management



  • Marketing strategy
  • Overseeing website management
  • Social media presence
  • Managing campaigns events and promotions


C) Your first month as a clinic manager

Your first month should be settling in and getting to know your team, this can be a  daunting experience for both you and your team. Generally staff that have been part of the team for sometime may feel cautious regarding a new manager starting and may seem resistant to any changes.

It is important that you take time during your first month to get to know your team and start to build relationships, ensure that you make time to have a one to one meeting with all individuals. Staff will appreciate this individual time and it is a good way to gain valuable knowledge regarding them and theclinic.

Ideally you will be provided with an in induction plan on commencement, however this may not always be available in smaller businesses and it may be that you learn using a hands on approach.

Basic areas you should familiarise yourself with initially

  • Company structure
  • Mandatory training required
  • Employee handbook and HR policies
  • GDPR and data protection policies
  • Clinic security
  • Fire management and training
  • Infection control
  • Clinic complaints policy
  • Staff rota
  • Health and safety folder
  • Emergency kits contents and location
  • IT support
  • CQC registration if appropriate
  • Training on CRM or clinic management system