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Project services

Projects can be short or long term, we can offer a range of project services including but not limited to the following services;

  • Project management and clinic set up
  • Customer retention
  • Assessment and development of patient journey
  • Treatment planning
  • 5 star customer service
  • Mystery shopping
  • Governance and compliance
  • Clinic team development and support
  • Treatment, equipment and product research
  • Implement best practice
  • Clinic manager training
  • Recruitment/Interviewing/Assisting with onboarding
  • Protocol and policy writing
  • Clinic and Team Audits

Personal Mentoring Services

We work closely with clinics and individual practitioners to offer a complete support package and work jointly together with both business owners and clinic managers to strategically plan the growth and development of your business. With many clients we attend monthly management meetings and cover many areas but not limited to the following;

  • Business and sales analysis
  • Maximising profit
  • Reviewing cost analysis and ensuring viability of services
  • Understanding your P and L
  • Reviewing and expanding your KPIs
  • Create strategic action plan
  • Marketing support and strategy planning
  • Planning for future growth

Specialist Aesthetic Services

After years of working in the aesthetics industry and establishing contacts working with specialist services it is great to be able to recommend the services of individuals and companies that we truly believe you can trust and will provide an affordable successful service to support your business. 

  • CQC support and registration
  • Laser Protection Advisory service
  • Marketing, media and Design
  • Website design and SEO
  • Accounts management
  • Professional photography and vlogging
  • HR support and advice
  • All IT services and support
  • Advanced clinical training and mentorship
  • Specialist aesthetic training e.g. treatments, sales, retail, skin care and customer service
  • CQC audits to prepare for inspections

Empower Your Aesthetic Journey with Our Exclusive Power Hour Consultation

Welcome to your ultimate resource for all things aesthetics! We understand that delving into the world of aesthetic treatments can be both exciting and daunting. That’s why we’re offering an exclusive “Aesthetic Power Hour” – a personalised, one-on-one consultation designed to guide you on any aspect of your aesthetic journey.


Whether you’re looking to understand managing your aesthetic clinic or team more efficiently, implement a commission structure for your team, develop your patient journey, what KPIs should you be monitoring etc. our industry-leading experts are here to offer guidance tailored to your unique needs covering any topic you would like to discuss.

Your questions deserve time, attention, and expert knowledge. In our “Aesthetic Power Hour,” we delve deep into your queries, offering practical advice and support to empower you with the information you need as a clinic professional desiring operational guidance, we’ve got you covered, we can cover several topics in ‘your hour’.

Our holistic approach ensures that we can cover all corners best practice clinic management, patient safety, to team training and more.

Let’s transform uncertainty into confidence together. Book your “Aesthetic Power Hour” today and step into a world of empowered decision-making for your aesthetic journey.

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Aesthetic Clinic Telephone Audit

HR audit for CQ registered clinic

Reception Team Audit

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